August 02, 2018

Grant has a master’s degree in critical psychology and has spent 30 years in the natural world, first as a professional field guide and then as Managing Director of The Field Guides Association of Southern Africa (FGASA). He has a full national certificate in nature and culture guiding and is qualified to guide in dangerous game areas.

It is through his professional qualifications and love of the bush and more recently the marine environment, that he has developed several programmes to help us to not only reconnect with nature but also to reconnect with ourselves. If we are to survive as a species we need to learn to commune with nature rather than exploit it.

Being mindful of how we live isn’t easy, if it was, there would be an app available for it, we could download it, ride away on a unicorn and live happily ever after. We have become disconnected from nature and ourselves. The human species has overpopulated the planet and instead of playing a custodial role we have abused it. We are the only species who go to war, hunt for sport and systematically destroy our habitat, yet here we sit in our ivory towers at the top of the food chain.

Grant brings a delightfully refreshing glimmer of hope to what can sometimes be a brutally hopeless situation. Amidst the global conservation crises, there are warriors who are fighting the good fight and spreading their success stories. YOU can make a difference simply by living a mindful life. Being aware of how you speak to people, words often as sharp as any blade can wound as deeply and leave as many scars. Mindful speech will lead to mindful actions which in turn will create a ripple effect and thus bring about the change that our planet “ocean” so desperately needs. What you put out you generally get back.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Said Mahatma Gandhi, a diminutive figure who made massive changes.

The talk provided a brief overview of what would be offered in the various programmes through the Guiding department of the Marine Dynamics Academy.

For more information please contact Grant Hine direct:

Mobile: 076 394 8620

In the meantime, hug a tree, let the sand come up to greet your feet, smile at a stranger, compliment a friend and release those monkeys from your mind!

Thank you to Marine Dynamics for sponsoring the evening and to the Great White House for hosting and the delicious soup afterwards.