Orchestral Extravaganza

November 23, 2015 by dyertrust

Grootbos Private Nature Reserve and the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra presents: The Grootbos Orchestral Extravaganza. For the first time ever, an orchestra will resound in our fynbos paradise on the eve of 16 December in the majestic Forest Lodge.

Experience the finesse of a harmonious masterpiece, combining the top orchestra in the country with the delights of Grootbos.

The renowned Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra, under the baton of resident conductor Brandon Phillips,will perform a selection of the finest musical masterpieces and melodies which have been created by a wide variety of composers, from Strauss to Mozart to Brahms to Lloyd-Webber.

In celebration of Reconciliation Day, an auction of fine art to benefit the Grootbos Foundation and other Overberg charities, will be held. Tickets sell at R750 and R950 per person. The Dyer Island Conservation Trust is very excited to be one of those charities who will benefit from the income raised at what promises to be a sterling event.

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