The Trust supports rescue and rehabilitation centre Penguins Eastern Cape

January 09, 2012 by dyertrust

The passionate and dedicated team at Penguins Eastern Cape (Cape St. Francis) led by Trudi Malan had their hands full this festive season. Every year as the penguins go into their annual moult lasting about three weeks, they are unable to swim and feed so any late breeders are forced to abandon their chicks. These chicks are sent to the rehabilitation centre to be hand fed until they are ready to be released. This chick bolstering programme is part of the conservation management plan. With the African penguin being classified as endangered and only around 22 000 breeding pairs left, every penguin counts. This past year has seen 400 penguins at the centre from St Croix Island and Bird Island. Most of the penguins have now been released to date 160 birds are still at the centre.

With the help of the donations the Dyer Island Conservation Trust receives we were able to pass on the goodwill and send Trudi and her team R10 000 to help towards the costs of care for these juvenile penguins. At this time 100kgs of sardines per day can be consumed.
The centre has a viewing area for the public where they can see some favourites such as Roxy, Goofy, the committed couple Nip & Tuck (penguins are monogamous) and the blind Stevie.